A flood of colours for your products


+ long-term tradition = experience and quality
+ personal approach
+ reliability
+ flexibility
+ suggestion of a suitable coating system
+ high-quality anti-corrosion protection
+ short delivery terms
+ we coat a wide range of products
We will advise you

We will recommend a suitable surface treatment. We will choose the colour shade together. For specific parts we cooperate with technologists who can design a coating system to suit even very demanding conditions.


We perform the correct pretreatment. If necessary, we can arrange paint removing.


We roughen the surface by blasting, thus improving the adhesion and concurrently removing the old coating, rust and scale and prepare a perfect substrate, thus increasing the usable lifetime of the coating.


Protecting holes and surfaces as required by the customer is commonplace for us.

Technological procedure

We follow the technological procedures during coating.

Inspection and packaging

We perform an inspection after the coating and suitably pack the product.

We cooperate