A flood of colours for your products

Wet coating

Wet coating comprises a wide range of coatings. The advantages of wet coating include nearly unlimited choice of colour shades, fixing of dents, good mechanical properties of the coating and its high quality. If he parts are three-dimensional, we supplement powder coating with wet coating. Wet coating is recommended if the customer places emphasis on good anti-corrosion properties, for parts intended to be used outdoors, in chemical or highly corrosive environment.


We perform wet coating on 4 manual workstations. We also offer the possibility of drying. Another advantages are coating dimensions (up to about 12 m) and coating heavy items.


Main advantages:

  • can be used on any surface
  • high resistance against oils and acids
  • possibility to mix any colour shade
  • long-lasting coating
  • damaged coating is easy to repair


We use water-dilutable, synthetic, epoxy and polyurethane coatings for wet coating, depending on the requirements/specification from the client. In order to protect the environment, we use special coating booths - boxes with a water curtain and a box with carbon filters which prevent unwanted release of the paints into the air.



The price of coating is usually determined individually, namely based on the volume of work, time demand and the used technological procedure, including the necessity to use further modifications and pre-treatments of the part being coated.


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