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Powder coating

Powder coating is a state-of-the-art and environmentally-friendly metal treatment method It is based on the static charge principle The electrically charged powder mixture is applied on a grounded item using pressure air. This ensure very good adhesion. Once the powder coat has been applied, the item to be coated is transported into a kiln where the powder gets fused under temperatures between 180 and 200°C and turns into a compact, smooth surface.


Main advantages

  • powder coatings allow us to achieve special surface effects (smooth coat, fine or coarse structure, gloss, matt, semi-gloss, metallic colours…)
  • powder coatings are extremely resistant against corrosion, chemicals as well as mechanical stress. Polyester powder
  • coats are UV-resistant and colour stable.
  • You do not have to wait for the coating to dry or dry the the coated part - it is readily available
  • powder coatings do not contain any volatile or other harmful substances
  • powder coating is environmentally friendly


The material to be powder coated must be heat resistant up to 220°C (the kiln temperature).

We coat with state-of-the-art Wagner electrostatic devices.

We most often use paints of various colour shades according to RAL colour shade books, for coating but if required we can also work with NCS, Pantone, special metallic colours, antique or other colour shades.


Maximum dimensions: (height) 2 m x (length) 5 m x (width) 1.5 m

Maximum weight: 1,000 kg



Price estimate per 1 sq meter of sheet metal - one-sided:

Outdoor coating CZK 180 - 260
Indoor coating CZK 180 - 260


The price is calculated individually depending on the order


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